Monday, October 21, 2013

Akira (higher res)

Akira resonates with me on a deep personal level.  It was/is the most influential 
animation or ever.  Ebert said it transcended film by not just becoming a cult animated film, but on his
personal top 10 "movies" of all time. Adapted to film, the manga is consider the most important graphic work ever.  Otomo created effective scenes with hardly any "full-page"
spreads.  Owning the entire epic, I can say there are roughly a dozen out of about a thousand pages. 
The scale of the work can't be quantified.  But i found a way to achieve my own personal homage. 
I accidentally added marks in the background that looked like a circle - so I ran with it and it loosely became Akira's cryo - chamber thanks to a sharpie.  There are little nuances that can only be seen in person, tiny easter eggs that I'm more likely to be aware of than viewers.    


By the 6th panel I didn't take a photo for about 9 hrs...