Monday, April 18, 2011

new Spawn, new Crit


ok so here is the story...I had finished my original spawn painting and felt it wasnt even close to what i would have like it to be. because i am sending it along to todd mcfarlane as a shot in the dark (because he knows me on first name basis) i needed a professional crit. my roomates best friend DAVE RAPOZA was willing to crit me and help me fix what was wrong. I was extremely willing to make the changes even though it is still in the process, i still have much to work on before i send it and the other two i am drumming up. much of the credit goes to dave, i just painted it. i am a few hours out before i can start tweeking and major changes still need to occur. my next two will be much better. thanks DAVE! (if you have time go check his stuff out)

Spawn Final - for crit

Monday, April 4, 2011


I recently was published (for the second time) in Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn comic and he had asked me to write back, with authority. so for him, with my third letter, will receive this painting. it will be around 16 x 20
18 X 24

Self Portrait for Senior Show

14 X 20 Acrylic

Neuromancer Conclusion

The climactic ending of the novel is something I really wanted to capture.  the entire pacing of the book ramps up leaving the reader no room to breathe. then Case flips into cyberspace and flatlines. He washes up on a beach and meets a young brazilian boy who calls himself "Neuromancer." Neuro, romancer...a revelation 250 pages in the making. it will be my final image of my degree project. the momentum and pacing of all my other images need to relate to the book. Each one becomes more involved and active, inevitably leading up to this conclusion. leaving audiences in question as to "what happens next"?


Throughout the novel, an AI named Wintermute follows Case's actions right up until the pivitol revelation at the end of the story.  So to emphasize a novel's worth of data, i chose to have a face materialize in the background. Cyberspace is described as being geometric, origami like, an endless void of color. Also, Case hacks programs by breaking through their "ice." thus is my decision to make the background very emerald

Desperation In Freeside

This image follows up the events of Armitage's death. During their mission, Case and his Rastafarian companion are trying to traverse the interior of Freeside.  The space station is described as a the Hanging Gardens of Eden. While Case is in cyberspace it is Maelcolm's responsibility to look after him as the stations defenses activiate.

Death Of Armitage

Final Sketch before heading to paint. This is a crucial part of Neuromancer's story, where, Armitage loses his grip on sanity and ejects himself out of the air lock. I decided to make him feel stiff while drifting through space. Underneath him is the Sprawl, the orbital space station where the main mission takes place. Tall spires give the illusion of depth and also help me in terms of perspective.