Monday, April 18, 2011

new Spawn, new Crit


ok so here is the story...I had finished my original spawn painting and felt it wasnt even close to what i would have like it to be. because i am sending it along to todd mcfarlane as a shot in the dark (because he knows me on first name basis) i needed a professional crit. my roomates best friend DAVE RAPOZA was willing to crit me and help me fix what was wrong. I was extremely willing to make the changes even though it is still in the process, i still have much to work on before i send it and the other two i am drumming up. much of the credit goes to dave, i just painted it. i am a few hours out before i can start tweeking and major changes still need to occur. my next two will be much better. thanks DAVE! (if you have time go check his stuff out)

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